How many times have you been to a conference and wished you had more business cards? or worse – you had a great conversation with someone and they gave you a card – and now you’ve lost it, or cannot remember which of the 100 random bits of card you are clutching actually belongs to the one key person you want to speak to!

If you run a restaurant we can make you a smart menu instead of a ‘Business Card’…
If you run training we can make you a smart learning resource instead of a ‘Business Card’…
If you deliver Yoga or other exercise classes we can make you a smart Yoga Class with videos of moves being demonstrated instead of a ‘Business Card’….

Your ‘Business’ Card is MUCH MORE than a ‘Card’ – it is an amazing BUSINESS WEB APP that solves a LOT of different problems… It can even be shared via ZOOM or TEAMS to instantly add your contact details to other people’s mobiles phones!

With MY SMART BUSINESS CARD – those problems (and more) are solved and you don’t have to worry any more. Your Smart Business Card is more than just a COVID-19 safe way to share your details, it is a completely mobile friendly, securely hosted, digital resume containing pictures, words, videos, web links, contact us forms and even payment links – All without you having to do ANY coding. We do it all for you.

Buy yours today and share this page on Social Media and we’ll give you 2 FREE YouTube Videos – and use our special skills to get them onto the 1st page of YouTube and hopefully Google too – as a FREE thank you worth £600. 

You’ll love your NEW Smart Business Card – and so will your contacts and clients.


Every Smart Business Card is unique and designed to meet your personal and business needs exactly. We do all the coding and deliver your completed system. They work on Android, Apple and on any browser, so you can show and share your Smart Business Card anywhere. The example above is ideal for a Tax Professional – but if you ran a shop you could include videos and ‘BUY ME’ links – turning your Smart Business Card into a secure shop too!


Each Smart Business Card will have its own URL – which can be shared using a custom QR code (which we include in the package for you). You can go 1 step further and register your own “Business Card URL” – personalising your Business card even further. Contactless sharing is vital now that Covid-19 is around – stay safe… use a Smart Business Card today.

My Smart Business Card - Bespoke Design


Every Smart Business Card is bespoke and will contain the ‘tabs’ required – tap to view details, tap to access documents, tap to view ID – all COVID-19 friendly for 2020.

My Smart Business Card - Bespoke Design


To share your business card – all you do is tap on the “SHARE” link and up pops your personalised bespoke QR code – which when scanned will open the card on the other person’s phone. No contact and totally COVID-19 safe!

My Smart Business Card - Bespoke Design


Every Smart Business Card will come with 2 fully hosted explainer videos – designed to help you explain your business to anyone who has downloaded your Smart Business Card. 


This is an actual live business card – which contains videos, information, ID – and even a “Chatbot” which qualifies customers by asking them a a series of questions to ensure that the surveyor can keep his distance while they complete this process online in real time. (The results are automatically emailed to the Surveyor). This has to be THE most amazing Smart Business Card you can get! Get yours today….

Ideal for Networking - via ZOOM or MICROSOFT TEAMS

Whilst attending a ZOOM or Microsoft TEAMS meeting you can chose to share your screen (or simply show your mobile phone screen to the camera) and let all the attendees point their smart phones at your Smart Business Card… which will save itself into their contacts. You’ve now networked to a whole room in 1 go – and they’ll all have your phone number, email address and a link ot your Smart Business Card with videos and so much more. It really is amazing what you can do. All COVID-19 safe too!